Deeds Over Words

When action speaks volumes

Photo by Renee Fisher on Unsplash

It is with a heavy heart I let go once and for all
I have done all I can to speak to you about your offenses to my soul and heart
I have attempted to teach you the lessons and yet have failed to get through to your heart
My words have gone unheard
My actions had gone unnoticed
My plea has gone unanswered
It is time to move on
I will choose my self-respect not by words but by my deeds
No more waiting
No more hoping
No more wasting my time and resources on your mixed signals and vague intentions
I understand now that I am not worth your effort and concern
Your consistent lack of regard for my feelings have been made loud and clear
I will no longer live in denial
I will open my eyes to see you for who you are — unbothered
I will no longer make excuses for you for, I have run out of reasons
It is time to act
It is time to move forward
It is time to say goodbye

Aden Eyob is the clinical neuroscientist and author of the upcoming book, The Book on Mind Training: The Secret for Positive Living.

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