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Yes, you read that clearly; I am worthy by default.
Take heed, for I have been designed by the master architect of divine perfection.
I was the blueprint of glory long before I came to be
I have been tailor-made to bring light and love to the world so, make no mistake in my design and abilities.
There is not an ounce of imperfection that my maker has created for; He is the artist of brilliance.
The lies of unworthiness no longer ring true to my soul for, I have risen from the dead.
The thoughts of self-hate and depreciation have been retired with the loving streams of confidence, high regard, and beauty.
I am perfect not by your standards but by the one who created the universe.
I am approved not by your meager qualifications but through my faith and existence.
Make no mistake; there is no defect in my makeup, for I am divine.

Aden Eyob is the clinical neuroscientist and author of the upcoming book, The Book on Mind Training: The Secret for Positive Living. Connect and check out her work here.

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Founder & CEO at Mind Medication. Author. Clinical Neuroscientist. Mindset & NLP Coach. Speaker. Free Spirit. Let’s Chat: aden@mind-medication.com

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