I Will Sit This Through

Acts of surrender and serenity amidst the storm

I will sit this through
No more running
No more hiding from my problems and trials
I will sit this through
I will not retaliate like I used to
Yes I have found peace in my pressure
Indeed I have found clarity in the chaos
I will not let my emotions take me, hostage
I will let the storms and tidal waves pass
The enemy will not divert my divine focus and purpose in this lifetime
I will sit this through
I will let the discomfort get space to express itself
I will keep my mouth shut for the enemy is waiting for my insults and cutty remarks
I will keep my eyes on Jesus for He is my way out
I will sit this through
I will no longer fear the unknown
I will no longer allow guilt to hold me back
I will reclaim my voice of leadership and assert my freedom, wellbeing, and boundaries with the words of love
I will not let others emotions and traumas to cloud my judgment nor distract my focus
I will not be in debited to peoples false goodwill anymore
I will continue to give my light and love for I know my Divine Father will reward me in good time
I will seek the glory of God to open the closed doors in my life and turn my pain into purpose
I will sit this through
No longer afraid of disappointing others
No more years wasted people pleasing
I will sit this through
I will no longer be forced to do things outside my boundaries for fear of being rejected
I will not fear being homeless or lost for I know my God will provide for me in all seasons
I will not listen to the thunderous torment of the enemy for He is irrelevant to my destiny
I will program thoughts of peace, light, love, and happiness in my network of mental programming
I will surrender the years of victimhood and expecting others to repay the lost years they had no cause in creating
I will not expect anything from anyone for all that I receive is a gift from God
Yes I will sit this through
I will not let my fears drive me to the next cycle of pain and disappointment
I will let my wounds heal through the discomfort and time it takes to seal the infliction
I will no longer demand from others what only I can request from God with thanksgiving
My desires will be granted through my gratitude and reverence of the Almighty God
I will choose to transmute this season of pain, hurt, and disbelief with purpose, power, and courage
I will sit this through for I am built to overcome

Aden Eyob is the clinical neuroscientist and author of the upcoming book, The Book on Mind Training: The Secret for Positive Living.

Subscribe for the book waitlist here: https://publishizer.com/the-book-on-mind-training/

Founder & CEO at Mind Medication. Author. Clinical Neuroscientist. Mindset & NLP Coach. Speaker. Free Spirit. Let’s Chat: aden@mind-medication.com

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