Release With Ease

I am no longer holding on to you
I have reached my limits with your bullshit
I will no longer hope for your return
In fact, please don’t return
I will no longer pine over the lost love, for there was none, to begin with
I will surrender my need of you to God, for I now know it was your poisonous glue that kept me stuck
I will no longer crave your attention, for you don’t see me, nor will you try
I will no longer care for your existence, for you are not alive in the spirit
I am done torturing my soul, for you don’t care an ounce for my pain
I will no longer try to be your every desire for your standards are never-ending
I am done attempting to please you, for you don’t have a stopping point
You take and take
You take and take
You take and take
So what’s left are my silence and your disappearance

Aden Eyob is the clinical neuroscientist and author of the book, The Book On Mind Training: The Secret for Positive Living. Available on Amazon.



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Aden Eyob

Aden Eyob

Founder & CEO at Mind Medication. Author. Clinical Neuroscientist. Mindset & NLP Coach. Speaker. Free Spirit. Let’s Chat: