Sufficient In Your Grace

Your grace is sufficient enough.
My peace comes from your soothing waters of life.
Your spirit is all the strength I need and desire.
I will submit my cares to you with thanksgiving.
I will not hold back from the gifts of love you desire to gift me.
Your aura of light is all the illumination I need amidst my darkened thoughts and trials.
I will seek your residence of peace and purity in all the moments of my earthly life.
My soul yearns for communion, as nothing else can truly satisfy my urges.
I will wait patiently at the intersection of my life for you to guide me down the right path.
I will trust you, for I have never been disappointed.
Your embrace is all I need to feel secure in a world filled with insecurity and strife.
Your words are the shield of defense against the flaming arrows of the underworld.
I shall not fear.
I shall not worry.
I shall not doubt.
I shall not quit, for you will deliver me in your appointed time.

Aden Eyob is the clinical neuroscientist and author of the upcoming book, The Book on Mind Training: The Secret for Positive Living.

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Aden Eyob

Aden Eyob

Founder & CEO at Mind Medication. Author. Clinical Neuroscientist. Mindset & NLP Coach. Speaker. Free Spirit. Let’s Chat: