Aden Eyob

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I am finding my joy in the release
I am freeing myself from my self-imposed memories and fears of losing you
I am choosing myself over your demons and impenetrable heart
No longer giving my days to you in anxious expectancy of your return
I am dialing back my frequency to…

When action speaks volumes

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It is with a heavy heart I let go once and for all
I have done all I can to speak to you about your offenses to my soul and heart
I have attempted to teach you the lessons and yet have failed to get through to your…

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Your grace is sufficient enough.
My peace comes from your soothing waters of life.
Your spirit is all the strength I need and desire.
I will submit my cares to you with thanksgiving.
I will not hold back from the gifts of love you desire to gift me.
Your aura of light is all…

Aden Eyob

Aden Eyob

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